I did it!!! Good Job, Sarina… :)


It takes more than an alarm, an iman to wake me up. …. realllllly.. sad to say that 😦

Thank you hubby Malek for kejutting me macam nak rakkkkkk tadi pagi!!!

While he tickled my feet, he echoed my sentence that i typed yesterday….

“kata nak jadi muslimah yg baik..” at least for 8 times. hahahaha!!! And he never gives up.

Dlm hati berkata : “Alamak si telor ni kenakan balik kat aku… dah lain kali jgn baca blog aku lagi.. huh!!”

After the 10th times of shaking my bed.. (nasib katil tak pecah dua).. I strengthened myself and jumps out of the bed! Dengan rambut yg mcm Oprah… i dragged myself out ….taking baby steps to a ‘small lighted room’ …. It smelled fresh. Hubby perfumed himself after his bath…i think.

In the toilet, I was still thinking of rushing off my solat then jump right back to the best… (ini semua bisikan Syaitannnnnnn). hahahahaah.

Clean myself up, ambik wudhuk (still looking and aiming sharping at my cosy bed) and slowly wear my telekong.

Allahuakbar,,,, my solat presumed,

Im suprised that I didnt rush my prayer. Alhamdulliah.. Syaitan yg tadi menganggu dah give up nampak nyer.

Sempat wirid dan doa sekali. (Good job Sarina!!!)

By the time i completed my prayer, hubby left for his cycling session.

Hmmmmm… maybe i should also take this opportunity to cycle and be with only myself and I.

Fold my sejadah, kiss my kids and salam my parents (they we shocked when i came in their room .- they asked “asal bangun siang? kerja ke?.. I said, “Ina subuh lahhhh”.. sambil menadah tangan ke langit sambil mengucapkan ALHAMDULLILAH…haiiizzzzz… feeling pulak mak aku nu.. tiba tiba sebak pulak dada aku…. I was such a disappointed to them ker? .. pasal tak bangun subuh.. hahahhaahah

Then, not wanting to wake up my prince and princess, I tip-toed out of the house.

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh… udara yg nyaman dan sejuk. This is the blessing of Subuh

Looking at my bike… i said BISMILLAH and pedal awayyyyyyy…….

Happy weekend people!!!

PS: Watch this space for tmr’s Subuh.. Insyaallah.

Love – Sarina


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