What I have learned abt Qiamullail….


I heard abt it. It sounded very ‘scary’. It is like … Qiamullail are only practice by ustaz or orang orang soleh.

But deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to try it sooner or later. Alhamdullilah, one day, I saw an entry.

Facebook post: Peace Retreat 7: Second Chances

Within seconds, I emailed the organiser. I was so excited and ‘scared’. I am going alone! To a mosque that I have never set my foot on. Oh well!!! Wont let Syaitan GODA me. Hahahah Next: I have gotten the approval from my KIDS (this one is impt – if they said NO.. then it would be very difficult for me lah. Mom and hubby are next to approve. 🙂

The day arrived.  26th Jan 2013, 8pm @ Masjid As-Syafaah.

 We started with Isyak prayer then proceed to a small function room for the lecture. The ustaz is so young! Wah… this is GOOD!!! 😛 There were abt 50 ‘students’. Mostly youngsters. At that moment, I wished my BFFs were there with me .. hur hur hur L

On the serious note: Here are some of the learning points:

Qiyamulail – means Beribadat pada malam hari or Night Prayers. Malam yg diisi dgn solat-solat sunat, wirid dan DOA.

Solat Tahajjud

Solat Hajat

Solat Taubat (I hv been waiting for this particular solat)

Solat Tasbih (this one is tough.. like seriously tough!)

Solat Witir

Ok back to the lecture.

2nd chances = Forgive, Repent and No Repeat of Sins

You see, despite our constant wrong doing, Allah have still given us his blessing. And its still pouring as if we hv done nothing wrong. Allah did  not dismiss us despite our mistake. But do you realise, if we did or say something wrong with Human, they would ‘kill us’ instantly (if they could lah.. literally). But Allah, is the MERCIFUL one.

It came with a catch. One solid condition: We should make the effort towards REPENT aka TAUBAT.

We owe alot to Allah. He never shut us down because he knew deep down in our heart, we want to taubat. But I often heard people would say : Alah.. aku banyak buat dosa, gerenti masuk nereka lah! So buat aper nak taubat. Bukan bole masuk syurga pun… Oh you stupid fool…..Please remember,  Allah never turned his back on us. Proof: He still ‘loan’ us our soul every day. Isnt it true…? We sleep.. and we still able to wake up the next day. Allah can easily took our breath away. Yet, we are still here on earth, doing the same mistake again and again and again.

So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t lose hope.

I asked the Ustaz a question: We feel bad after making a sin. Then we taubat .. but again  we do the same sin. Why? Will Allah murka? How do I avoid doing the sins again.

His answers: We are HUMAN. Kita bukan Nabi. As long we have the intention to insaf and to stop doing the sin again, we will never be lost in his sight.

So what should we do?

Be quick in seeking forgiveness. Dont be embarrassed. Have a fresh new beginning. Jangan lupa lepas solat, we should DOA for his guidance.

As soon as we sedar that we have done the Sins, STOP and BERISTIGHFAR. Set that for ourself. Zikir, Wirid. That are our protection. “Sentiasa basahkan bibir kita dgn berzikir bukan dgn bertengkar, menghina, fitnah, menyanyi atau memarahi seseorang.”

Another thing we should do daily is REFLECTION of our sins. Before we go to sleep, reflect back at what we did on that day. Did I hurt someone? Did I do this, that etc? What good we get out of it? Who benefit? Syaitan… of course. Do not lose hope. Look for Perseverance and Faith that insyallah Allah will accept our Taubat (even we do not know if our effort in making repentance have been accepted.) Hanya Allah Yang Tahu.  

If you make dosa in the day, Allah is waiting for your Taubat at night. Repent —— Seek Forgiveness ——- Remorse = Ashamed and promise not to do it again. As long as we keep coming back to Allah, he will always FORGIVE!

Its hard for us to control our DESIRE (nafsu) and EGO. There is a saying. “The Soul is willing but the Flesh is weak”. Our mind want to taubat but our nafsu resist it. We are in constant battle of NAFSU! Our NAFSU will give in to Temptations!!! Its crazy.. penat penat kita solat, kita doa but we still lose the battle. Its normal lah people! Something we should always remember. Syaitan can only do so much, but when we succeed in controlling the Nafsu, it is like JIHAD.  

Look people! – we need to break the Cycle of Sins. Buat baik, then buat dosa, Repent, Dosa, Repent, Dosa. Haiizzzzzzzz……

We must think: Every time we wake up, we have one day less to ask forgiveness. One day less to PRAY and One day less to read Quran.

Dear friends, we need to set our priority right. Walk towards the Judgement Day.

One day, we will face our Creator and our Book of Deeds.

We should always fear that we have not done enough Taubat for our pass sins.

Do you know that Nabi kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w turned towards Allah 100 times per day. Kita, 5 kali pun susah. Sedangkan Nabi telah diampunkan nya dosa dulu dan dosa akan datang.

Do you know Allah gives 100% of Rahmat. 99% is at Hereafter and 1% we felt it on earth. This 1% includes Love and Compassion. Can you imagine what 99% Rahmat would feels like?

Do not despire my friends because we know ALLAH WILL FORGIVE OUR SINs, insyallah.

Lets start to HIJRAH.  How?

  1. Admit our sins.
  2. Stop the Act
  3. Have the sense of Regret/ Remorse
  4. Be Sincere
  5. Seek Forgiveness from Allah with Tears of Repentance.
  6. Make attempt to change – to hv the attention and resolution not to repent the Sins.

At the end of the class, I felt at Peace, Satisfied because I was there for a Purpose. I knew that EVERY SINNERS HAVE A FUTURE. Lets start a new beginning my beloved friends.

Lets change slowly… but surely. Seek advise from Ustazs and maintain small group of good friends who have common believes and intentions.

Before I end this post, I have something to share:

If there are problems, and when you are at dead end – Be ready to let it go and let Allah take over. He knows the BEST for you.

Please Allah .. Please guide me and my beloved friends from all our Sins. Please continue to look after us and our families with Mercy and to Look at us with RAHMAT. Oh Allah, please forgive our SINS.

Insyallah Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

PS: I will continue to share my experience on the 5 types of Solat on the next entry.  Good Night.

 Love – Sarina



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